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2402 Pine Cove Road
Prescott, Arizona 86305
Tel: (928) 771-2504
Email: jbev (at) jbsys.com


Obtain a position that provides the opportunity to develop challenging software products and to be able to contribute toward their design and implementation. I prefer software development contracts that allow me to perform work assignments from my office location in Prescott, Arizona. However, on-site assignments or permanent positions are considered.


B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Major: Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
Minor: Statistics/Reliability Engineering
Various computer programming and management training courses.
General Motors Institute, Flint, Michigan, 1966
Overall GPA - 89%


Development Environments
Microsoft Visual Studios 4.2, 5.0, 6.0, C, C++, WIN32, and MFC
Unix make facility. C, Assembler, and Fortran, HTML, DHTML, PHP, JavaScript
Operating Systems
Unix System III, Unix System V, Linux, Digital Unix, BSD Unix, SCO Unix, VMS, MPX-32, DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and several custom Unix and Real-time systems.
Processor Architectures
DEC Alpha, Encore VME Alpha, Intel x86, Intel Pentium, AMD x86_64, Encore Concept/32, Denelcor HEP/1000 64-bit parallel/multiprocessor, 68K, M32000, and others.
Programming Languages
C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Various assemblers, and several Fortran versions.
Compiler/Assembler/RTL Development
K&R C, ANSI C, C++, Encore Assembler, and Systems V Unix Run Time Library.
Microsoft DirectX Development
DirectX, Direct3DRM, Direct3DIM, DirectInput, DirectSound, DirectMovie, DirectDraw, and DirectMusic.
Device Driver Development
ISA, SCSI, SCSI-2, VME, RS-232, Ethernet, TCP/IP protocol stack, Digital/Analog I/O on Unix, DOS, and MPX-32 systems.
Network Client/Servers
FTP, TFTP, Telnet, HTTP, ARP, RARP, Ping, Named, and various custom client/servers.
Markup Languages
HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, DOM, ajax, VMRL 1.0, VRML 2.0, and VMRL 97. Microsoft FrontPage 97/98/2000/2003.
Graphic File Formats


JB Systems, April 1990 to Present
2402 Pine Cove Road
Prescott, Arizona 86305

Software Development Contractor

Designed and implemented custom software solutions. The following contracts have been completed or are in progress:

Takshele Corporation, Denver, Colorado

Design and implement a 3D viewer/desktop using the Wintel version of QuickDraw 3D on Win/95 and Win/NT. The product is called DpIV (Deep Four) and was implemented in C.
Redevelop the product for the Intel processor from a MAC version. The product downloads and displays .3DMF files from a server using TCP/IP.
Provide audio/video conferencing over the internet allowing multiple users to view and talk with each other.
The user is allowed to navigate in 3D space using keyboard and mouse controls. Files can be dropped onto the desktop and displayed as icons; clicking on the icon executes a program.
Implemented a second version of the product in Microsoft’s Direct3D. The .3DMF files were converted to .X file format for reading by Direct3D. All QuickDraw 3D calls were replaced by Direct3D calls.
Implemented the third and current version of the product in MFC C++ using Direct3D as the graphics interface. The product is being converted to read VRML 2.0 (.WRL) model files and be a VRML internet viewer. The complete VRML97 specification is being implemented. Beta versions of the product are available from www.dpiv.net. A parser and scene graph interpreter were added for VRML file processing. Navigation, collision detection, and animation were also implemented. An intuitive interface for the user was developed using custom animated controls. The code is multi-threaded to allow network access and 3D scene generation concurrently.

Sneller Systems, Evergreen, Colorado

Perform conversion and enhancements to software for several models of handheld scanners used for inventory control. Visual Basic code was converted to C and ran on an embedded DOS O/S. Software is menu driven and the data is saved to an internal database that is uploaded to a host processor for analysis.

Lauren Geophysical Services, Denver, Colorado

Provided two device drivers for an IKON plotter interface card; one was an ISA version for a Linux System and one was a VME version for an Encore 88K Unix System.
Provided a GL/2 to raster conversion program to convert existing plotter software output to a thermal plotter.
Provided modifications to seismic processing code and porting of the code to a DEC Alpha processor running RedHat Linux. Makefiles were provided that allowed generation of the code for Encore MultiMax System V Unix, Intel based RedHat Linux and DEC Alpha based RedHat Linux. Provided several X-Windows based data display programs for processing of Seismic data.
Helped set up an internal network.

Computer Science Corporation, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards Air Force Base, Edwards, CA

Provided a device driver for a PC to Encore shared memory ISA based card.
Ported the Encore C compiler to the DEC Alpha computer under Digital Unix.
Wrote an Assembler to assemble the C compiler output on the Alpha. Wrote hundreds of makefiles to cross-compile and link thousands of flight data acquisition programs that would run on Encore MPX-32 machines.
Range data acquisition subsystem. Provided a driver to read telemetry data and preprocess it for saving to a disk farm. Wrote a device driver for SCSI fast and wide VME controller to control data movement to/from the disk farm. Formatted raw range data was then written to up to 120 SCSI disks in real-time for later analysis.

Encore Computer Corporation, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Provided a C compiler, runtime library, include files, assembler, LEX, YACC, and C compiler driver program for MPX-32 3.5.
Ported the C compiler from the UTX/32 compiler.
Used System V as a pattern for the runtime library and include files.
Modified standard Assembler to allow processing of assembler code generated by the C compiler.
All of this work was completed in Colorado. Upon completion of the contract in December 1990, I worked on my own to upgrade the compiler to be of production quality. In May, 1992, an agreement was signed with Encore Computer Corporation to provide the compiler as a standard product. Maintenance and support is provided as part of the contract. Current release level is 1.4, released in October, 1997.
Developed source level debugger for the C compiler in 1993. Cooperative work was completed with ISC to provide an AID for C debugger. Modifications were required for the C compiler and several Encore standard products to support this effort.

International Software Corporation, Golden, Colorado

Provided an Ethernet Handler for MPX-32 1.5f to allow operation of the 8516 Ethernet controller. Ported test programs from MPX-32 3X to MPX-32 1.5f.
Modified C runtime library to allow execution on MPX-32 1X systems.
Completed feasibility study for porting BSD TCP/IP software to MPX-32 1X.

JB Systems, Prescott, Arizona

Developed a Macro Assembler for the Encore Concept/32 computer that executed on UNIX (SCO, Digital, Linux, and Interactive UNIX) as well as DOS. The Macro Assembler generates object code that can be downloaded to MPX-32 for linking and execution.
Developed MAKE4MPX, a UNIX make facility and utility set for Encore Concept/32 computers. This product is currently operational on several MPX-32 systems at NASA, Edwards.
Developed RCS4MPX, a UNIX revision control facility and utility set for Encore Concept/32 computers. This product is currently operational on several MPX-32 systems at NASA, Edwards.

CQG, Inc., Littleton, Colorado

Developed a UNIX (SCO and Interactive UNIX) driver for the Adaptec 1542b SCSI controller. The handler allows communication to a maximum of seven target 386 processors.
Developed a handler for the NCR 53C94 SCSI controller chip. A ROM version and production software version were provided. The NCR controller is in an imbedded 386 system with a custom operating system. Remote downloading software and file server software were provided for the UNIX host and target systems. A second phase of this project involved providing the same capability for the NCR 5380 SCSI controller chip on an imbedded 186 system. Also, a DOS file system was implemented over the SCSI interface.

Vista Controls Corporation, Valencia, California

Provided an HSD-based Ethernet controller handler and test software. The handler emulates the Encore 8516 Ethernet controller to allow operation of the Encore DOD TCP/IP software. The handler will run on MPX-32 1.4 through MPX-32 3.5 systems on the Encore Concept/32 computers.
Developed TCP/IP software (written in C) to provide communications support for MPX-32 1.4 through MPX-32 3.5 systems. ARP, IP, TCP, ICMP, FTP and TELNET were provided.
Provided a network manager and Ping test program. Technical and user level documentation was provided for the handler, TELNET, FTP and TCP/IP.

International Software Corporation, September 1985 to March 1990
433 Park Point Drive, Suite 275
Golden, Colorado 80401

Manager XPM Development

Responsible for all software development for the Encore (Gould) Concept/32 line of computers. This included XPM-64 (an O/S modification to increase the users address space), DCL-64 (a VAX/VMS command language interface), and EDT-64 (a look alike VAX/VMS editor).
Ported a C compiler, YACC, LEX, and Run-time library to the Gould Concept/32 computer thus allowing numerous UNIX utilities to be ported to the MPX-32 operating system.
Provided on-site modifications to user software to enable compatibility with the above products at over 30 customer locations.
Provided Gould Software Development with modifications to their software to allow AID (a Fortran source level debugger) to be incorporated into their standard product line.
Provided project plan, initial design, and programming for a Real-time multi-processor debugger.

Denelcor, Inc., July 1983 to August 1985
17000 E. Ohio Place
Aurora, Colorado 80012

Director of Operating System Technology

Responsible for advanced software development planning in conjunction with Hardware Engineering.
Contributed to architectural design issues.
Directed project for porting UNIX System III, with Berkeley 4.2 file system, to a parallel multi-processor super computer (HEP-1000). Ported many of the UNIX utilities to HEP/UPX.
Provided modifications to assembler and linker and the design and implementation of a new macro assembler. Worked with product management to turn product requirements into project plans.
Initiated a standard project tracking and reporting system for software development.

Gould Inc. S.E.L. Division, June 1976 to May 1983
6901 W. Sunrise Boulevard
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33313

1981-1983 Principle Member Technical Staff

Responsible for advanced software development planning in conjunction with advanced CPU and I/O hardware development.
Revised design of multi-CPU scheduler and memory management system for MPX-32.
Ported UNIX environment to MPX-32 for program development using UNIX utilities and assorted cross tools.

1978-1981 Senior Section Manager - O/S Development

Responsible for developing a real-time operating system (MPX-32) for the SEL 32 series computers.
Directed the design and integration as well as coding and debugging of the resource management portion of the O/S.
Wrote a system debugger to ease debug and integration of development software.

1976-1978 Market Support Manager

Responsible for home office technical support for field sales people.
Provided support for benchmark and technical proposal activities including customer contact and sales presentations.

Ford Motor Company, December 1970 to June 1976
General Parts Division
Ypsilanti, Michigan

1972-1976 Supervisor, Computerized Processes.

Responsible for design, installation and maintenance of process control systems. This included computerized closed loop control systems for testing distributors, shock absorbers and bumper shocks.
Installed and used a wide band cable communication system to support plant monitoring system, on-line inventory control system, remote computer access and computer networking system.
Responsible for preparation of project plans, specifications for vendor supplied systems, department budget and project tracking.

1970-1971 Project Engineer

Designed, implemented and tested a multi-computer operating system for data acquisition and control of 30 distributor test stands.
Provided software support for Tektronix graphic displays used to display test data in real-time to test stand operators.

Information Control Systems, 1968 to 1970
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Senior Systems Engineer

Provided turn-key systems for real-time computer applications including the design and development of an AUTOSPOT III processor written in FORTRAN for an IBM 1130 computer and post-processors for various computers and Numerical Control machine tools.
Provided a computerized test system for electrical components and wiring for Pontiac Motor Division using an IBM 1800 computer. This was done by analyzing electrical waveforms to diagnose part malfunctions.

General Motors Corporation, 1961 to 1968
Hydra-Matic Division
Ypsilanti, Michigan

Systems Engineer

Designed, installed, and maintained process control systems involving manufacturing and testing applications.
Performed system and interface design, system and applications programming and prepared cost estimates. Projects included the monitor and control of 25 dynamometer test stands to test Hydra-Matic transmissions and a computerized monitoring system for three 200-station transfer lines.
Co-developed the programmable controller concept.
Performed programming work in the areas of hydrostatic bearing design, gear design, gear noise analysis and data reduction.
Designed and programmed a special purpose processor and post-processor for an Oloffson continuous path 4-spindle chucking machine and programmed a Cincinmatic two-axis vertical mill.


Ernie Popke / Jeff Wood, CQG, (303) 730-1324
Mike Flanagan, International Software Corp., (303) 526-0388
Roger Green, Lockheed Martin, (303) 971-8890
Mike Macpherson, Vista Controls Corp., (805) 257-4430
John Sullivan, Systems Consulting Associates, Inc. (805) 258-2485


Clearance officer contact available on request.


Golf, skiing, camping, gold prospecting and hunting.

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