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Project References

Here's a brief listing of some of our customers and the work we've accomplished. Please contact them directly if you want their unbiased testimony regarding our expertise.

Lauren Geophysical Services, Denver, Colorado

Provided a device driver for an IKON plotter interface card. Two device drivers were provided, an ISA version for a Linux System and a VME version for an Encore 88K UNIX Systems. Also provided a GL/2 to raster conversion program to convert existing plotter software output to a thermal plotter.

Computer Science Corporation, Dryden Flight Research Center
Edwards Air Force Base, Edwards, CA

Provided a device driver for a PC to Encore shared memory ISA based card. This driver was written for Linux. This driver was then used as the bases for a week long training class on "How to Write UNIX Device Drivers" for several NASA/CSC software engineers.

Encore Computer Corporation, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Provided a C compiler, runtime library, include files, assembler, LEX, YACC, and C compiler driver program for MPX-32 3.5. The C compiler was ported from the UTX/32 compiler. The System V interface was used as a pattern for the runtime library and include files. The standard Assembler was modified to allow processing of assembler code generated by the compiler. All of this work was completed at JB Systems. Since completion of this contract in December 1990, I have worked extensively on my own to upgrade the compiler to be of production quality. As of May, 1992, an agreement was signed with Encore Computer Corporation to provide the compiler as a standard product. Future maintenance and support is to be provided as part of the contract. Current release level is 1.3.

During 1993, a source level debugger was developed for the C compiler. Cooperative work was completed with ISC to provide an AID for C debugger. Modifications were required for the C compiler and several Encore standard products to support this effort.

International Software Corporation, Golden, Colorado

Provided an Ethernet Handler for MPX-32 1.5f to allow operation of the 8516 Ethernet controller. Ported test programs from MPX-32 3X to MPX-32 1.5f. Modified C runtime library to allow execution on MPX-32 1X systems. Completed feasibility study for porting BSD TCP/IP software to MPX-32 1X.

JB Systems, Prescott, Arizona

Developed a Macro Assembler for the Encore Concept/32 computer. The assembler was written in C and will execute on UNIX (SCO, Linux, Digital UNIX, and Interactive UNIX) as well as DOS. The Macro Assembler generates object code that can be downloaded to MPX-32 for linking and execution.

Developed MAKE4MPX, a UNIX make facility and utility set for Encore Concept/32 computers. This product is currently operational on several MPX-32 systems at NASA, Edwards.

Developed RCS4MPX, a UNIX revision control facility and utility set for Encore Concept/32 computers. This product is currently operational on several MPX-32 systems at NASA, Edwards.

CQG, Inc., Littleton, Colorado

Developed a UNIX (SCO and Interactive UNIX) driver for the Adaptec 1542b SCSI controller. The handler allows communication to a maximum of seven target 386 processors. Developed a handler for the NCR 53C94 SCSI controller chip. A ROM version and production software version were provided. The NCR controller is in an imbedded 386 system with a custom operating system. Remote downloading software and file server software were provided for the UNIX host and target systems. The second phase of this project involved providing the same capability for the NCR 5380 SCSI controller chip on an imbedded 186 system. Also, a DOS file system was implemented over the SCSI interface.

Vista Controls Corporation, Valencia, California

Provided an HSD-based Ethernet controller handler and test software. The handler emulates the Encore 8516 Ethernet controller to allow operation of the Encore DOD TCP/IP software. The handler will run on MPX-32 1.4 through MPX-32 3.5 systems on the Encore Concept/32 computers. Developed TCP/IP software (written in C) to provide communications support for MPX-32 1.4 through MPX-32 3.5 systems. ARP, IP, TCP, ICMP, FTP and TELNET were provided. A network manager and Ping test program were also provided. Technical and user level documentation was provided for the handler, TELNET, FTP and TCP/IP.

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