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Software Pricing and Delivery


MAKE4MPX provides complete support for Fortran, 'C' and Assembly languages in the MPX-32 environment. MAKE4MPX ensures all object modules are up to date and only re-compiles source modules that have a date more recent than the object module. Makefiles are UNIX compatible and run in a Bourne-like shell environment on MPX.

1 - 9 copies $1,000 each
10 - 19 copies, Site License $6,000
20+ copies - Call for Quote


RCS4MPX provides complete Revision Control for all source code developed in the MPX-32 environment. Multiple source trees can be maintained, as well as, concurrent development baselines supporting multiple target releases. Fortran, 'C' and Assembly language and JCL source can be put under Revision Control. RCS4MPX is UNIX compatible and provides 100% traceability.

1 - 9 copies $1,000 each
10 - 19 copies, Site License $6,000
20+ copies - Call for Quote

Support Services

Software Conversion and Maintenance Services: JB Systems will provide, on a Time and Materials basis, services required to convert existing proprietary software to an Open Systems Environment using 'C' and Fortran. Maintenance and training services are also available to aid with Interrupt Handler development and Operating systems upgrades.


All Software is delivered on CDROM and comes with six months free Software Update Service (SUS). After the first six months, the Software Update Service can be purchased at twenty-five percent of initial purchase price. On-line documentation is also delivered with each copy of Software.

Delivery Schedule

Products will be delivered to the customer 15 days After Receipt of Order (ARO) with pre-paid shipping by JB Systems. An evaluation copy of any product can be ordered by issuing a zero dollar Purchase Request; this copy is valid for a period of thirty (30) days and must be removed from the customers system(s) after the evaluation period has expired in the event the product is not purchased.

Terms are Net-15 days from receipt of order.


Licensing is based on a per CPU basis and copies cannot be moved from one system to another. The customer agrees to the terms of the licensing agreement upon receipt of the product. A site license is valid for a primary site and any other sites under the same prime contract which are physically co-located within 1/4 mile of the primary site.

Ordering Information

All orders for JB Systems products should be sent to:

J B Systems
2402 Pine Cove Road
Prescott, Arizona 86305

Phone: 928-771-2504
E-mail: jbev@jbsys.com

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