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Joint Marketing Agreement

Systems Consulting Associates, Inc. and JB Systems have joined forces as co-marketers of software products developed for Encore MPX-32 computer systems. SCA and JB Systems have created software products to provide engineers, scientists, integrators and end-users with tools to improve productivity, efficiency, and utilization of Encore MPX-32 computer systems. Custom software for user specified applications can also be provided. Through the combination of our two companies, with their varied and extensive background in MPX-32 system and application software, a multifaceted resource pool of talent and knowledge is available to meet the customer's needs.

SCA has developed MPX-32 operating system analysis tools, task level analysis tools, and software migration tools. SCA provides tools needed for software test analysis, source level debugging, operations monitoring, and network client/server development.

JB Systems has developed and maintains the non-based C compiler for Encore Computer Corporation (model #1012). Several tools are available to enhance the program development environment when using Fortran, C, and Assembler programming. These tools are used to maintain object libraries, user load modules, and configuration/version control of software components for all Encore MPX-32 Concept/RSX architectures. Jim has been involved with SEL, Gould, and Encore system/user software since 1970. He has also been involved with many UNIX operating systems since 1981.

Current Encore users are not being provided with the latest software product technology from Encore for the MPX-32 environment. The productivity tools developed by SCA and JB Systems have been created to address the needs of the Encore user community. These products bridge the technology gap for Encore users with old Encore software products and this new product portfolio that includes advanced features not found in competing products from Encore. These products provide portable technology to multiple platforms. The investment in equipment, people, and applications that you have now will not go to waste.

Now it's easier to do more. Don't lock yourself into the Encore technical past. With these productivity tools, you have the best, most comprehensive up-to-date tool set for the MPX-32 Encore platforms.

Software Analysis and Productivity Tools

  • OSVUE - On-line system analysis and post mortem crash analysis tool.
  • TASKVUE - 100% non-intrusive source level debugging and analysis tool.

Open-Systems Migration Packages

  • BSD SOCKETS - TCP/IP/UDP Socket library for Comm-32 and non-base C compiler, model #1012, Client/Server Applications and Remote Procedure Call (RPC) emulation.
  • NETWORK PRINTER DRIVER - Provides support for the Data Products LZR 1580/2080 Ethernet printers from the Comm-32 environment.
  • MAKE4MPX - Provides maintenance of Fortran, C, and Assembly libraries and user load modules. This is a collection of utilities that will scan a user provided makefile and build MPX- 32 load modules. Make will evaluate dependency rules to only rebuild load modules affected by changes to software components.
  • RCS4MPX - Provides configuration management and revision control for all MPX-32 application source code including Fortran, C, and Assembly. Once put under revision control, all changes made to the software module are tracked. Automatic extraction has been included in MAKE4MPX to extract the latest version of the software for processing, or any user specified revision. RCS4MPX will work with any ASCII text file.

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