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This Revision Control System (RCS) is an open system migration tool that permits the management of multiple revisions of files. RCS is useful for text that is revised frequently, e.g., software programs, technical reports, graphics, papers, and form letters. RCS automates the storing, identification, logging, searching, retrieval and merging of revisions in a consistent manner. This will dramatically ease the learning curve as the user becomes comfortable with creating and revising text interactively and manipulates all of the associated properties of RCS.


RCS features an easy-to-use environment. Only two commands need to be learned: "ci" and "co". First, "ci" (check in) deposits the contents of a file into an archival file called an RCS file. This file contains all revisions of a particular file. Secondly, "co" (check out) retrieves revisions from an RCS file.


Old revisions are saved in optimized space. Original text is not destroyed by changes; previous revisions remain accessible. Revisions can be retrieved according to ranges of revision number, symbolic names, dates, authors, and states.

RCS logs all changes automatically. Besides the text of each revision, RCS stores the author, the date and time of check-in, and a log message summarizing the change. The logging makes it easy to discover what happened to a module, without having to compare source listings, or having to track down colleagues.

When two or more programmers wish to modify the same revision, RCS alerts the programmers and prevents one modification from corrupting the other.

RCS can maintain separate lines of development for each module. It stores a tree structure that represents the ancestral relationships among revisions.

Two separate lines of development of a module can be coalesced by merging. If the revisions to be merged affect the same sections of code, RCS alerts the user about the overlapping changes.

Revisions can be assigned symbolic names and marked as released, stable, experimental, etc. With these facilities, configurations of modules can be described simply and directly.

The identification (name, revision number, creation time, author, etc.) is like a stamp that can be embedded at an appropriate place in the text of a revision. The identification makes it simple to determine which revisions of which modules make up a given configuration.

RCS needs little extra space for the revisions (only the differences). If intermediate revisions are deleted, the corresponding deltas are compressed accordingly.

A global search and replace utility permits easily made changes across an entire application, searching multiple text forms, letters, code, etc. When global search and replace finds a match it displays a prompt showing the code or text that allows control to which changes should be made and which changes should be skipped. When done, it produces a report that can be printed.


MPX-32 3.x and above
Non-Base 'C' 1.2.0 and above
FORTRAN 77 4.x and above
MPX-32 utilities 3.x or higher


MPX-32 Model 1401, Revision 3.4U02 or later
FORTRAN 77 4.x and above (optional)
MPX-32 C Compiler, Model 1012, Revision 1.2.0 or later (optional)


RCS4MPX is normally delivered on a CDROM and comes with a complete set of on-line as well as hard copy documentation. Optionally, DOS formatted floppies can be provided on request.


JB Systems software product pricing includes six months of Software Update Service (SUS). This service permits the user to request enhancements, to report problems, and to receive technical support. JB Systems responds to user needs with periodic newsletters and regression-tested maintenance updates.

RCS4MPX is a trademark of JB Systems. MPX-32 is a trademark of Encore, Inc. CONCEPT/32 is a registered trademark of Encore, Inc.

Product or company names are the trademark or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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