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MAKE4MPX is a UNIX-like make facility for the Encore MPX-32 operating system. It works in conjunction with Encore's non-based C compiler (Model 1012, Revision 1.2.0 or later) to allow maintenance of MPX-32 object libraries and user load modules. MAKE4MPX is a collection of utilities to support dependency processing for Assembler source programs, FORTRAN source programs, and C source programs and header files. You no longer have to "rebuild the world" after making source code modifications! Through the use of a makefile and software generated program dependencies, MAKE4MPX will search through the dependencies and rebuild only those modules that were dependent on the modified program(s); thus, ensuring that all libraries and load modules are up to date.


The makefile is a user defined directive file which specifies the set of source files, object files, header files, libraries, and load modules that are to be maintained, By typing "make depend", MAKE4MPX will search for a file named "makefile" in the current directory, read the user specified list of files that are to be maintained, and then append a set of dependency rules to the make file. Typing "make all" will then build all required modules. Typing "make install" will copy or move the specified load modules to their destination directory. Typing "make clean" will remove all object files. The user has complete control over all of these functions and can also specify any number of other operations to be performed. A prototype makefile is provided. Execution options for the C compiler, FORTRAN compiler, and Assembler, as well as Cataloger directives, can be specified.


  • AR - Archive utility used to create, update, delete, extract, or list object modules.
  • BASENAME - Extract the basename of a file without a suffix.
  • CHGRP - Change the project name associated with a file or directory.
  • CHMOD - Change the access rights of a file or directory.
  • CHOWN - Change the owner name of a file or directory.
  • CHTYP - Change the type of a file.
  • CMPRS - Concatenate multiple object files into a single file.
  • CP - Copy a file to another file or directory.
  • DATE - Output the current date and time.
  • DODEP - Generate dependencies for a set of source files.
  • ECHO - Output the arguments of echo.
  • EXPR - Evaluate arguments as an integer expression.
  • FALSE - Return false status.
  • GREP - Search for a pattern in the specified files.
  • LN - Copy a file to another file or directory.
  • LS - Lists contents of directories.
  • MAKE - Process the makefile directives.
  • MAKEFILE - A prototype makefile for the user.
  • MKDEP - Copy the specified makefile and delete any dependency rules.
  • MKDIR - Create directory.
  • MKFILE - Create a file of the specified type and size.
  • MV - Rename a specified file or set of files to another directory.
  • MVDIR - Move all files from one directory to another.
  • PWD - Output the current volume and directory name.
  • RM - Delete a set of files.
  • RMDIR - Delete all files within a directory and the directory.
  • SED - Stream editor, useful for extracting text from files.
  • SH - Utility to invoke execution of a specified task.
  • TOUCH - Change the modification time of a file.
  • TRUE - Return true status.
  • UNIQ - Display or delete adjacent repeated lines from a file.


MPX-32 3.x and above
Non-Base 'C' 1.2.0 and above
FORTRAN 77 4.x and above
MPX-32 utilities 3.x or higher


MPX-32 Model 1401, Revision 3.4U02 or later
MPX-32 C Compiler, Model 1012, Revision 1.2.0 or later (Optional)
FORTRAN 77 4.x or above (Optional)


MAKE4MPX is normally delivered on CDROM and comes with a complete set of on-line documentation. Optionally, DOS formatted floppies can be provided on request.


JB Systems software product pricing includes six months of Software Update Service (SUS). This service permits the user to request enhancements, to report problems, and to receive technical support. JB Systems responds to user needs with periodic newsletters and regression-tested maintenance updates.

MAKE4MPX is a trademark of JB Systems. UNIX is a trademark of AT&T. MPX-32 is a trademark of Encore, Inc. CONCEPT/32 is a registered trademark of Encore, Inc.

Product and/or company names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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